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Well, I got what is known as bad luck.

First, I found one of the games (Splinter Cell) for $12.99, ol' original copy second hand. Then while checking one bin with cheap games I found another original copy for 1.99 (the same store ). Of course, I got more expensive one... NOT! (so far good)

They sold out all AR and memory units, so I got one old xBox gamepad and I have USB extension that I never used. (got it cheap many months ago ) I always wanted to have one good gamepad for PC emulation, so this was great oportunity, as I intended to create USB port for X-Box. That went fine, after a bit of work I got my old 64MB memory stick formated and recognized by xBox, but problem is that every time I insert it, it re-formats it?! My other memory stick won't work (1GB), still I might try it again.

Then I noticed (I never checked it) that they (place I got X-Box from) or previous owner openned it. They apparantly didn't have correct screw driver.

And finally, after I checked the game I got, f*ckers gave me Platinum Hit DVD in Original case.

So I'll pay them a visit today again. They said that they might have one memory unit for x-box today (not completely sure) and if not, there are couple other stores that I will check.

At least I have my save from Halo trasfered to my PC.

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

you know I think it would be great if you did a write up on XBox Soft modding on Old Skool

lots of pretty pictures please
That would be nice! I support this idea!
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