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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
I heard through the grapevine that M$ is going after the PDA market in a big way...
Bill Gates wife has wanted this market for a long time and I think that M$ is very mad that the Palm Pilot has been kicking their ass for a long time in this market even though they have put tons of money and resources in Windows CE. Microsoft is still failing in this market and they have made some desperate moves like.

1. Made Windows CE open-source, very limited license if you use the code though.

2. Renamed product several times from WindowsCE powered devices, Handheld PC, PocketPC.

3. Give tons of money to PDA developers.

They have made some inroads but they are up against the "standard" in this case it is Palm OS. Sure Palm Os sucks and Newton was there first but the Palm Pilot has always been dirt-cheap and it has sold millions. Palm knows their OS is Sh*t though that is why they bought BeOS. The battle will continue to be interesting. Although I am a Palm shareholder I don't own a Palm Pilot, maybe one day when it is better. I am still looking for the ultimate PDA my current ones are.

Newton 130 & 2100 (Cool PDA still use heavy).

EPOC based Diamond PDA (Light use).

Windows CE based HP Jornada (Never use it).

This PDA battle that M$ and Palm are having will continue to be interesting. Word from an ex-Apple employee is that when M$ gave Apple $150 Million dollars and a new version of MS Office Mac they requested the Newton’s death. The Newton 2100 was picking up steam and selling very well at the time. If you don’t like Newton’s blame Harv Laser he got me hooked on them. I still await the birth of the ultimate PDA.

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