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If you are a lazy git (like me) the best mod for the Xbox is an XIR which is a board which enables you to switch on (and off) the xbox using the DVD remote control (even after it has crashed).

If you play emulators and games... this is a must as the XBox kernel does not offer great memory protection and crashes happen from time to time (more that you'd like, trust me) and if you have to get up to power cycle each time... you can see how annoying that would get!

The other hard-mod worth getting is a new fan. The old ones are sooooo noisy. The best replacement fan is the Acousti 70mm not cheap but it fits in the case without cutting and it works with the 7v xbox fan connector which gives you full fan speed control within XBMC. When combined with Fan Gasket it makes it almost 100% silent even at full speed.

As with any fan mod, make sure you have the fan blowing in the right direction. Before you screw the case together, try a few games in 3D for a while and test out the temperature to make sure it is not overheating. (Reset into XBMC and check the temperature... should not be above 60c)

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