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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
But who is going to fit it?
Me? I figured, perhaps naively, that it wouldn't be anymore difficult than installing JiffyDOS on a 64. I'm not a hardware expert by any stretch but I can handle simple chores like that.

It's a lie. It takes you at least that amount of time to get the motherboard out of the case!
Perhaps he was referring to the act of installing the chip.

Plus you need a TorX screw driver set and a soldering iron!
Doesn't everyone have those things?

Also once you've invested in your memory card and game... you can softmod as many boxes as you like for no extra. Can't say that about a hardmod!
You've got me there. If there wasn't an ocean between us I'd nip over and ask you to mod one more...

I'll have to consider my options. You've been a great help once again.
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