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Official Krayzies Ndure 3.0 Softmod installer thread
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Hot-swap with Ndure 3.0 installer for Windows
How to make a new bigger hard drive using XboxHDM

I have never used any of these tutorials... to be honest they are overcomplicated for the task in hand if you ask me.

I still recommend that you use the Game-Save exploit and Krayzie installer to perform the initial softmod and then use FTP (to get your drive contents and HDD lock key) and XBoxHDM to format/partition/install bigger hard drives.

6 Minutes to Game-Save softmod from start to finish.
30 Minutes to create a new bigger HD from start to finish.

I'm probably quite arrogant about how easy this as I've done literally 100's of them. Once you get over the initial fear... it is piss easy.

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