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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
This mods, does it meant these X-Boxes cannot be used on Xbox live?
Ndure 3.0 softmod is (last time I checked) not detectable in Live as it uses virtual C:/ drive to hide the hacked fonts etc.

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
....... yeah.... imma thinking hard-mod.... much easier.... at best its only 6 solder points , at worse its an LPC rebuild *12 easy solder points with the little card that coms with the Xecutor 2's and 3's ...

Hot swapping, can only lead to disaster!
I'm thinking xbox game save softmod:
  • plug in memory card
  • boot game
  • load hacked save
  • follow the on screen instructions
  • wait 4 minutes as it copies files
  • softmod complete (FTP access available)

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