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Originally Posted by Macca View Post
I wouldn't bother with Soft Mod'ing your XBox as it's just as easy to hard-mod it (although a little more expensive - cost me 50 for the Xecuter and Xapter).
And a chance of fubar-ing your box when you solder in the chip.

Solderless mods for the X-box are not good... they come loose very easily if the box is regularly moved.

Originally Posted by gklinger View Post
I let the XBOX boot so it will unlock the drive and then I unplug the power connector and IDE cable from the drive without shutting off the XBOX (which presumably relocks the drive) and away I go? That sounds too easy.
You do NOT unplug the power... just the ide cable. Unplugging the power would re-lock the drive.

The PAIN is that you need to have the XBOX and your PC close as the hard drive power cable is short.

Be warned!! If you switch off the power to the xbox during the procedure you WILL have to desolder the EPROM and use an I2C EPROM reader to get the key and re-lock the drive. (or buy a hard-mod)

Once the drive is connected to the PC and linux(?) is booted you use the NDure 3.0 tool to adjust the contents of the drive (some fonts and a few other bits and bobs) and put it back in the xbox

Edit: I am not sure if the NDure 3.0 installer tool is for Linux or Windows...

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