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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
A hot-swap, where you take the drive out of the X-box AFTER it has unlocked the drive, without removing the power, and connect it to a PC running linux to copy the files over.
Just so I'm 100% clear, I let the XBOX boot so it will unlock the drive and then I unplug the power connector and IDE cable from the drive without shutting off the XBOX (which presumably relocks the drive) and away I go?

That sounds too easy.

Originally Posted by Macca View Post
I wouldn't bother with Soft Mod'ing your XBox as it's just as easy to hard-mod it (although a little more expensive - cost me 50 for the Xecuter and Xapter).
If you've opened your XBOX to install a modchip, why not just remove the drive and do it the way alexh is describing?
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