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Originally Posted by gklinger View Post
I have a friend with a hardware modded XBOX so the first consideration shouldn't be a problem. What is "AR"? Also, why is an original game needed if this is being done on a PC?
The "hot-swap" method does not need a memory card, original game or an AR (Action Replay).

Basically the hard drive in an X-box is locked using a key stored in an EPROM on the hard drive. If you were to remove it, put it in a PC you could not read or write to it. To soft mod you have to copy files onto the hard drive and so you can either do this using:

A software only hack (where you need a memory card, a way of getting a save game from the PC to the card, and one of three susceptible games) using a bug in a game you copy files from the save game over the hard drive.


A hot-swap, where you take the drive out of the X-box AFTER it has unlocked the drive, without removing the power, and connect it to a PC running linux to copy the files over.

Once the soft-mod files (Ndure) are on the drive it is possible to run unsigned 3rd party software such as Emulators, XBMC (X-box mediacentre) etc. but remember to use a tool to dump and copy the EEPROM key for locking the hard drive to your PC for safe keeping.

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Alexh and rest of soft-mods, what dashboard replacement do you suggest? Which one works best?
There is only one worth using and that is XBMC! (X-Box Media Centre)

Softmodding is VERY VERY easy thanks to the hard work of the software programmers like KrayZie who created the installers.

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