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Originally Posted by seuden View Post
Soft mod is permanent.
Excellent. This sounds like the path of least resistance and I'm all about doing as little as possible.

Basically yes.
Then I'm with killergorilla in wanting to know more. Is there a document describing how one might go about doing this?

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
You have to have either someone who has moded console or AR and one off needed games to install Linux and start with soft modding.
I have a friend with a hardware modded XBOX so the first consideration shouldn't be a problem. What is "AR"? Also, why is an original game needed if this is being done on a PC?

I very much like the idea of preparing everything on my desk and then dropping the HD into the XBOX and having it go. That system worked very well for me when I was preparing a CF for my 1200.
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