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This thread is of particular interest to me because I don't really know anything about the XBOX other than that it's a game console that can run 3rd party software and that I bought one last month.

A friend was selling it for peanuts so I grabbed it thinking it might be fun. My interest is in using it to run a bunch of emulators and there are a few XBOX games I'd like to play without having to deal with (read purchase) them on disc. I assumed I would have to install a mod chip but this soft modding has piqued my curiosity. I'm a little fuzzy on something. Is the soft mod method permanent or is this something you must do after each cold boot? I think I'd like to upgrade the HD as well. From what I gather I can prepare an HD on a PC and then put it in the XBOX and away I go?

I have a lot to learn.
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