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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
I have no idea what any of my keys are
I think they're talking about the HDD lock/unlock key/pasword which is stored in the eeprom iirc. You can back it up to c: on the xbox using the auto installer.

I have a softmodded xbox which I use for emulators mainly as my main pc rig is connected to my hdtv and my surround so no need to watch films via the xbox. Most of the emulators as KG has already stated above work brilliantly, I was surprised how well they do work.

I used the hot swap method to softmod mine and to upgrade my HDD to a 120GB. I had to use an old Pentium 2 machine from work to get the Linux distro to boot from cd tho as my main rig just wouldn't boot it for some reason.

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Well, I have Platinum Hits version of the game, and according to resources, it can't be used for soft-modding. Over the weekend I'll check local game stores for AR and one of required games.
One of the games still works but I cant remember which one.
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