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I am starting to notice there is a great divide between those who actually used Workbench every day at one point for years on end and then there are those who just played games on the Amiga everyday for years on end at one point.

I was both an pretty damn avid user the Amiga's OS in its day and a really hardcore gamer, and i can truly understand why there are some that still want to use the Amiga's OS up till present day with the advent of OS4.0

Now while i fully understand that Bill McEwen has fucked us all in the arse, and while i fully understand that many things should be done to bring Amiga OS4 to the mainstream through PC hardware, and while i fully understand that there is fuck all software support for OS4, what i do not understand is why so many on here are ready to shoot down those who "do" wish to avidly use it!?..

Some may say i have answered my own question by all the reasons i gave in the above paragraph, but then thats something that only applies to you, the user that decides that using Linux and Windows is a far more viable option than OS4, but why give others shit if they wish to adopt it when in actual fact its not exactly the worst thing in the world that could be happening! After all it IS an AMIGA OS !!!..

So if others using OS4 is a problem for you, then you obviously need bigger problems in your life.

BTW - No i don't use OS4, in case some think i am dickhead for doing so.

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