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I´m an amiga fan since ....well...ever, but i use pc as well, just like everyone else around here.
The important thing, imho, is not the use you make of your amiga, if you use it only to play games then... go ahead, (i know many pc users that use their pc´s as an arcade machine too).
Anyway the important thing is to keep the Amiga spirit alive, this may sound dull for some, but just think about it, we played the same stuff right? So we share "collective" memories!
So i dont see myself or any other Amiga fan as "Amish" ( maybe with the exception of a single guy in Oregon! ( Maybe Graham misses this one )
Jay Miner´s mission is already fulfilled, Amiga did changed the way multimedia market now operates.(Even if other´s like MS try to take all the credits for it)

BTW: Amish are cool too

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