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Off course, if you grew up with an A500 with 0.5 mb extra memory and an extra floppy + 250 pirated floppies (including your Workbench discs overwritten with pirated games) you are not going to see the point in this.

Workbench is actually quite dated, even 4.0 is -in comparison with modern rock solid operating systems.

But to accept that Vista/Ubuntu and OSX is the best there is - is just absurd!

Ubuntu is nice, Windows is Windows but I firmly believe a souped up AmigaOS on any modern platform could easely knock out OSX as a better operating system in many aspects. if you fail to see that, it is quite clear (at least to me) to see who of us here are more hardcore Amiga enthusiasts than others by peoples reaction to an updated AmigaOS that could lead to modern Amigas becoming a viable option (and an effective and fun computer to work with) again.
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