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Alex does swear by softmods... they take 5 minutes to perform. They do not require you to open your case. They are as good as a hard mod in every way (48-bit LBA, HD capable etc.)

All you need is:
  • A memory card
  • One of the susceptible games (Splinter Cell 1, 007 Agent Under Fire, Mechassault) which must be an original
  • A way of getting the special save game onto the memory card (A modified USB cable, a pre modified x-box, an Action Replay)
Once the xbox is soft-modded and the HDD lock key FTP'd to your PC it is as safe as any hard-mod, cheap (perhaps even free!)
Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
however if and when it goes tits up... only a hardmod is gonna recover it! (just ask Sarek2k)
Bollox!! A competent computer user would not have needed a hard mod. It takes 5 minutes to learn how to create a replacement locked drive using the key you FTP'd off when you made the softmod.

AND if you wanted to be doubly safe, after you have performed the softmod you could just make two easy solders (much easier than a full hard mod) which makes the onboard flash writable and voila : Free hard mod!

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