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Ya' like it Retr0?
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I would sware by a hard mod, there not hard to do!

have a lookie here

Now i know Alexh would sware by softmod action, however if and when it goes tits up... only a hardmod is gonna recover it! (just ask Sarek2k)

besides you get more control using a hardmod

Console Hackery might also interest you

But heres my latest XBox project XDream 128MB there is a specific version of Mame for the XBox (mame128) which provides better emu

Now lets talk emulation on the XBox

if you ask me its what it was built for.... I have spent countless hours with friends just spanking the crap out of LOADS of games, from Mario Kart N64, to 4 player Bomberman on the SNES, THEN theres the 2 player game on the Megadrive!!! Oooo its AWESOME

Friday night is Curry and retr0 Gaming round my house all strapped up to the 42" Plasma

its wholesome and the ONLY way to enjoy great games is with good company!

Oooo and then theres movie watching etc!!!

for more luscious info!

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