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Well I don't know much about soft modding as I hard modded mine with an Xecuter3 CE modchip.
But it's definately worth modding it one way or another.
Once that's done XBMC should be installed ASAP and you'll have a very advanced media player capable of playing tons of different formats.
The Amiga, Mega Drive and SNES emulators you're asking about is top stuff too.
WinUAEX runs pretty much anything you throw at it full speed (except some AGA/CD32 games).
NeoGenesis (ported from Gens) runs all Genesis/Mega Drive/SegaCD games without a hitch, there's even an option to overclock the 68000.
Not all 32X games work and SegaCD 32X games dont work with it at all.
And for SNES there's Snes9Xbox and ZsnexBox which also runs pretty much everything.
So I'll say go for it, you won't regret it.
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