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I've softmodded 3 xboxes very recently actually. Used somekind of linux bootdisk in my PC and hotswapped the drive (yeah I know it has risks).

Went fine on all of them. Takes about 10 mins, but you do have to open up the xbox.

Megadrive/MegaCD/32x emulators are pretty much perfect.

SMS perfect.

Mame is perfect for anything old.

FBA-XXX Pro is great for all neo-geo /cps1/cps2 games (Metal Gear, SF2, SFA, MVC).

WinUAEX is a superb emulator as well it just doesn't do AGA games very well.

Snes emu is pretty much perfect too.

PCE is great as well.

N64 and PSX are wank but some people do persevere and get 'ok' results. I completed Mario 64 but that's about it.

I'd highly recommend doing it, even if it's just for an emu box to take round a mates house.
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