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Amiga Console Equivalents
  • A500 - Sega Genesis/MegaDrive
    A lot of techniques that are found in the Amiga are found in the Sega G/MD from Blitters and Co-Processors to dedicated Sound processors and Shared Bus Memory.
    The GPU's are about equivilant in performance and power if at either end of the scale a great 16 bit companion me thinks and they used the same CPU, thats nice and cute
  • A1200 - Atari Jaguar
    Again using a collection of chips forming a set to achieve multiple task, now a lot of people are going to biatch about the jag being 64 bits and the A1200 32, well sorry to burst your bubble the Jag is a multiple bit machine, the developer states its ONLY 64bits when it needs to be... hence video calculation, the main controller in the JAG is an MC68000.. this is 16 bit... there are more 32 bit chips in the Jag than either 16bit or 64 bit. now thats outa the way.

    although the Jag was very short lived, it had the same feel in a lot of ways as an A1200 both in games and just ease of use.
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