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Thanks! I'd actually already fond Anthony's site, but I didn't think of contacting him. He replied quickly to my request, and seems to be the man for the job. Thanks again for the input.

As for the Pentax *ist DS: although a great little camera with a proper pentaprism viewfinder (waiting patiently to be replaced by a K20D), it's been aided by some of the greatest glass of all time (Pentax's 50mm F/1.4, 31mm F/1.8 Limited, and a manual Mamiya Sekor 50mm on a Vivitar 1:1 helicoidal x2 Macro adapter). When I got the DS, there really was no rival on the Canikon crowd (at that price point), and no lenses to match the amazing Pentax Limiteds on digital (I have the 31mm and the 77mm). Still, I advise everyone to steer clear of them; they're small, light, fast, elegant, all-metal, optically near-perfect little beasts, and considered addictive. You've been warned.

Back on topic, I think I'm going the repair route with Anthony, I just have to raise some money because I recently got an iMac G4 (the sunflower/iLamp) to use as a server on one of my projects.
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