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Originally posted by Ian
With the X-Box failed everywhere except the USA and not a roaring success there, what's next for Micro$oft, who would like to hazard a guess??
Hmm... I think right now they're going to start pushing their wireless home LAN stuff, bigtime. They just had their WinHEC show and that was what they were hyping up. WinXP has Bluetooth support built-in, I hear, and I'd guess that Microsoft is going to be trying to ride Bluetooth through Christmas this year.

Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
I have never cared for US games software and have always found the Europeans to be more imaginative and to use their resources more wisely.
Yes, I think so, too. Seems like all females in US videogames are scantily clad with a bitchy attitude. And all males are egotistical badasses with big guns.

It's probably not all games that are like that, but too damn many. US games seem to rely on the 'attitude' factor too much. European games, in general, seem to rely more on 'style' and 'atmosphere'. Developers on both continents sometimes forget that games should rely on 'game'. But I'd take style and atmosphere over attitude any day. I'm more of an intellectual than a badass, though. The marketing guys are not stupid, as we sometimes imagine them. Money talks, sex sells, and nice guys finish last.

Of course, a little of everything happens all over the globe...

Two US games I really like:

Star Control II (PC)
Fallout (PC)

I haven't played any recent games, I'm hopelessly nostalgic.
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