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From Lemon Amiga Forum:

Resolve Savegame issue in Wing Commander CD32 in Amiga 1200.

As you can see this was taken from a German file and someone tried to babelfish it!

6. Spielstände store
The CD ³ ² stores Spielstände in its own Flashrom. Since with a A1200/A4000 this Flashrom is missing, we must make a few attitudes around this condition to go around.
1) As the first one needs „nonvolatile.library “
2) If this LIBRARY should not be yet on your system, can do you it in the Aminet download. It is contained in the NVTools.
3) On the non removable disk a listing the Spielstände put on to be stored are in which (e.g.: DH0: CD32_savegames).
4) The absolute path in a text file store (e.g.: DH0: CD32_savegames).
5) Afterwards text files under the name „nv_location “store and after „DH0: copy prefs/env_archive/sys “. The second and simpler possibility is:
1) The listing to storing the Spielstände put on (e.g.: DH0: CD32_savegames).
2) after it the following in Shell knock: echo " DH0: CD32_savegames" > envarc: sys/nv location Wars. After a restart can you your Spielstände store now. There should be problems or difficulties despite this Tutorials, then to the forums and turn you

I also cant get savegame to work.
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