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Originally Posted by gklinger View Post
Not yet. The HOL didn't indicate that it was HD installable so I assumed (wrongly, it would seem) that it wasn't. I have it on good advice that the CD32 version can be installed to the HD and run with a patch. I've also read that getting it to work is difficult and that it will probably run too fast.

I may have to do some kind of tribal dance to make this work. If it starts raining, blame me.

P.S. I will vote in this poll one way or another!
Golan, you can get the CD32 version and patch for the A1200 from aminet...just make sure to put the patch in the same directory as the game and you just run it from the shell (at least on my system thats how i got it running)...its a bit fast with my 030@50 but theres a command at startup to slow it down..(it eludes me now but you can check out a thread I started at lemonamiga)....also the version on aminet doesnt have a save game option which kinda sucks so hopefully a full version patch comes out soon...still awesome to play on a miggy
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