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UADE 2.11 Released

Originally Posted by Heikki Orsila
This release fixes OS X support and the Audacious frontend installation path.

It would be nice to have an OS X user that tested the latest Git head at least once a month so we could avoid these kind of problems. 2.10 was a broken release for OS X since I don't have such a system for testing.
Heikki Orsila (14):
web: update web pages for uade 2.11
uade123: add --scan option to scan directories for songs [PERFECTIVE]
uade123: Cleanup code for --set=x [PREVENTIVE]
uadefs: add ".wav" postfix to each file that is playable [PERFECTIVE]
uadefs: disallow creating files on uadefs [PERFECTIVE]
compat: implement canonicalize_file_name(3) for OS X 10.5 [ADAPTIVE]
uadefs: implement flush() operation [PERFECTIVE]
uadefs: cleanup cache_block_read(), remove MAGIC_LENGTH [PREVENTIVE]
uadefs: remove ctx->start_bi, it is always 0 [PREVENTIVE]
uadefs: add a comment on ctx->end_bi [PREVENTIVE]
uadefs: add sound data cache [PERFECTIVE]
uadefs: invalidate old cache entries [PERFECTIVE]
uade123: uade123 -t0 should always end the song immediately [CORRECTIVE]
uadecore: removed warning messages
Experimental version for Nokia N810: (readme)

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