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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Of course with a monitor

What troubles me a bit is why Paul asked that question. Is he going to steal the De Lorean from Doc Brown and purge it from existence?
I'm going to give Jay Miner the secrets of the AGA chipset and the Phoenix A1000. With that he could develop an Amiga so advanced for 1985 that it would blow everything away. By 1990 we'd have what we have today! Amiga would live on! I'd also kidnap Medhi Ali and drop him out of a plane over Serbia without a parachute

Then I would secretly have Tiffany Teen tied to a railway line by Dizzy, rescue her so she would think I'm her hero then vanish into 1985 to see Jay unveiling the Amiga 1000 AGA machine and marry Tiff.

The End
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