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my friend, i have SOooOoOoOooooo many projects its almost hard to keep track of...

earlier this year after a discussion with our dear Alexh, I scribbled down the basics for an interface. I was going to use the AddIDE project to add the IDE, however with the advent of some of the other home-brew IDE projects this is very easily adapter for use in say a CD32.

The adapter itself wont be much more than passive card with perhaps a little bus-handshake but that needs a little more research.. at the moment, I am just finishing off the 2mb Chip upgrade for the A500/A2000 and anything that uses an Agnii really hope to have that done this weekend,

the CD32 Accelerator adapter ties in nicely with Jame's other A1200 in a A600 chassis project.... hmmm A612 or A126 or A900 (its the difference between 600 and 1200 ) as i need to have a certain part(s) fabricated by PCB company, hopefully I have to admit, i am impressed with both their product and turn around time!
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