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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
The Amiga's not exactly awash with Pengo-type games is it?

How about this one - I included the text from a post the author made in 1996 in - it tickled me.

The full version is available for free download from the author's webpage.

MartinSoft Proudly Announces The Arrival Of

MartinSoft Pengo

MartinSoft Pengo is a clone of the arcade/C64 hit "Pengo", with lots of
enhancements. You'll find a demo version on Aminet, under
"game/misc/MartinSoft_Pengo.lha". The demo version features 10 levels.

MartinSoft Pengo has been developed during 12 months and has been written in
100% assembly language. Pengo will run on any Amiga with at least 1 MB of
Chipmem. It can be run in both PAL and NTSC modes (though PAL looks
better), and always uses the whole display. It is not multitasking, but
otherwise quite system friendly - you can install it to a hard disk, start it
from non-50 Hz displays etc. The game has been tested on a wide range of
Amigas and will run without problems on an A4000/040.

One year ago, MartinSoft released Motorola Invaders 2 AGA. It was reviewed
on the PD review sections of many magazines; it scored around 90%.
MartinSoft Pengo is a lot better, and much more complex - and it should be,
as I've put down more than 10 times as much work on it.

Forget Deluxe Galaga, StarWoids etc; MartinSoft Pengo is simply the best
ShareWare game ever!

Just to give you a idea of how amazingly brilliant MartinSoft Pengo is,
here's an unbiased comparison between the registered version of MartinSoft
Pengo and the full-priced game "Frontier/Elite 2" (which scored between
90-97% in most mags).

Frontier: MartinSoft Pengo:

Lots of different space
ships: Yes No

Our whole solar system
mapped: Yes No

Uses full screen on both
NTSC and PAL Amigas: No Yes

Takes advantage of
AGA chips on AGA
Amigas: Nope Well, a little

Really colourful
graphics: Wouldn't say so Yes

64 levels: No Yes

50 fps gameplay: Not really Yes

Simultaneous 2-player
mode: No Yes

Reasonably free
from bugs: No Yes

Lots of
bonus systems: No Yes

Millions of individually
named stars/planets: Yes No

Millions of individually
named ice blocks: Definitely not Well, almost

Brilliant background story: Naah Yes. Really.

Cool end-of-game sequence
(when you've finished the
whole game): No Of course

SCORE: 3 (out of 14) 11 (out of 14)

Now, we get a value-for-money factor by multiplying the game's score with
1000, and dividing with the cost of the game.

Frontier/Elite 2: ( 3 * 1000 / 34.99 ) = 86

MartinSoft Pengo: ( 11 * 1000 / 6 ) = 1833!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the figures speak for themselves. That MartinSoft Pengo is 21 times
better value for money than Frontier has now been scientifically proven,
using simple, everyday mathematics. If you don't believe me, you can check
the results with an ordinary pocket calculator.

What some computer mags haven't said about MartinSoft Pengo (yet):

The One: "Breathtaking - it's hard to believe it's running on an Amiga and
not on a Silicon Graphics workstation".

Amiga Computing: "When I first got hold of the game, I thought it was a
full-priced game. It is easy to see why I was mistaken; no-one has ever
written a shareware game for Amiga this complex, this playable, before."

Amiga Format: "This is the game that the Amiga market has been waiting for -
who cares about Sonic or Mario now that we've got Pengo? That the game is
ShareWare and not commercial makes makes it even more astounding."

Well, what more can I say?

Download it, love it, buy the registered version!
Martin Rebas, MartinSoft
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