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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post

Back on-topic...

Never played a WC game and I've never really thought about it - what's the Amiga version like, any good?
The CD32 version with the special patch is very good IMO. There are reviews on the AGDB. _

Some of the later mission get pretty tough, but I did eventually complete it. I didn't personally think the 500 and 1200 versions looked nice enough to bother with, but the CD32 version (which works great on a 1200) looks gorgeous in comparison.

And as far as CD based serious space games go, Star Crusade is a favourite of mine, rather basic polygon ships, but great dogfighting and some nice depth, I remember a nice stealth mission early on in the game which I found very atmospheric..... and there was some sort of combat tactic using the tractor beam that was supposed to exist but I never discovered it.
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