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You may have heard about this "strange" thing called demos. A LOT(!) of them don't run properly in WinVICE as that emulator has a lot of bugs, CCS64 is MUCH better when it comes to compatibility!
i have to disagree. as of present CCS 64 is less compatible than VICE. there are infact afew things that CCS emulates better than Vice (irq/nmi timing f.e) but in general your less likely to witness an emulation issue in Vice. even some games are affected by sprite collision problems(see the CCS board for bug reports) !

Originally Posted by formater View Post
WinVICE is most easy to use, and in the most games it run perfectly, CCS64 is a little difficult to use but most accurate for demos and not too complicated.
using CCS for demos is a profanity in my eyes. mainly because of the SID emulation which is a rather poor implementation of the real chip,but also because of the sprite timing issues(bugs in the right border are quite common,i used to write them all down but i dont do it anymore as there was just way too many of them).

if you want an emu to play Gianna Sistaz and have all the nifty features and compatibility aint that important for you go for CCS64 or Vice. you wont notice a difference probably.

if you want an emu which reproduces the C64 in the smallest details and runs demos pixel exact use Hoxs64. no contest here,Hoxs has the most precise C64 emulation and also uses a vertical sync to get rid of middle screen tearing which Vice doesnt do properly.
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