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James..... you ready?!..... heres how to do it....

Go get a 12.1 to 14" LCD Monitor (able to do 1024x768) should be able to find one for around £40,

take the monitor out of the plastics and RF Shielding, keep the VGA plug for the time being.

Now at this point you have a couple of options.

1. Converted DCE External to Internal Scan doubler £85!?!?!?!?++
2. External Made Internal Scan Doubler for £35

the second option (using a hard lined SVideo Hack from the CXA1145) also allows you THREE other inputs, 100 channel RF and composite in?! DVD player perhaps?! and VGA Through port. nifty eh?

so thats the screen sorted, now all you gotta do is house it in a proper perhaps appropriate chassis

I am planning to do this with 2xA600 plastics and a CD32 motherboard with 20GB IDE and IDE SFF Optical Drive.... just need the time....

I am tempted to change the internal SD/FF to one of the units that Jens has built but we shall see... I also have an idea on perhaps a cat weasel for a HD1.44mb slimline floppy
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