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Hi there,
I figured most of you would be curious to know my experiment..
Got me a Sonnet Crescendo 7200 G3@400 which by the way comes (as is already known) with 3 RAM sockets. Thus, i plugged in two 128MB RAM sticks from my powermac (not common SDRAM because it won't even fit physically) 5V ones. A friend of mine has a Mediator TX board so we fitted it there and fired 'er up. It was a no-go. Meaning: The 4.0 floppy booted, rebooted, and came to a Shell where we got the message of not enough memory.
This was a stock A1200 with no extra memory/acc boards of any kind.
Other than that, we had a Voodoo 3 3000, and fast ATA but the results were the same with/without 'em.
So we guessed that we needed some extra memory for the 1200 before we would repeat the test. We borrowed an 1240 card with 32MB, did the same again, and after reboot we did not get the memory message.
What we did get was a return code 20 error.
if we gave the Bootloader command we got an error of Kickstart/intuition.library.kmod not opening
Tried various changes in the hardware such as jumper settings on the Mediator, remove Voodoo, PCI slot changes, but always got to the same error.
Maybe the $20 (plus shipping went to $51) was a waste of money but i ain't that much worried about it. We Amigans are known to spend money and sell bodily parts anyway...
It's just that if it worked it would save a lot of people's wallets. OWC has had them in stock and i thought what the heck? let's give it a try.
If anyone has a bright idea or two just shoot!
My 2 cents of participation..
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