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Originally Posted by adolescent View Post
Not 100x better than an XRGB-2.
I don't think so.. XRGB-2 is not a true 24-bit scandoubler nor does it's have better than average quality (because it is external).

Originally Posted by mfletcher View Post
quit yer whinging and get one now! Or 12 months from now you'll be moaning about the fact that scandoublers/flickerfixers are fetching ridiculous prices on FleaBay
I don't want one. I already own almost every bit of Amiga hardware there is. I don't use the A1200 enough to warrant it I use the A4000 and a Picasso IV or the CD32 (with a 15KHz TV).

I will continue to moan about inflated prices on Ebay irrespective as whether I need those items or not :-P
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