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I haven't checked all the pages..but I would say these,

Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed (SSI) - agree with this.
XCOM - Terror from the Deep - Should have been done.
Heroquest Keller's Keep Expansion - Would have been nice.
Masters of Magic - Possibly..
Flashback 2, Flashback Legends - Not Fade to Black... No, No..
Jagged Alliance - Would have been good..
Eye of the Beholder 3 - Hmmm.. maybe, not impressed with PC version so far..
Raiden - agree good choice, especially FM-Towns version.

Others, maybe Diablo or some Star Wars game... was there any? I actually liked Paradroid 90 except for there being no save..

Pinball illusions Viking Table... interesting, the company thought the table was so bad they didn't include it in the Amiga Version. Only came out for the PC.

Mega lo Mania was good, but when you get nukes it was just the case of who fired first. I thought there was better games.

Also, Heart of the Alien (the sequel to Another World, only released for Sega CD) would be cool as well.. it's not that great, Another World is much, much better.. but I'd still think it had been cool with an Amiga version.
As a game I'll take Flashback over both of them. They were creative, graphically impressive, but nothing compared to Flashback. A proper classic along with Prince of Persia 1.

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