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I watched a really good flick on HBO a couple of days ago called "Dancing In September" which is about the TV industry. It chronicled the span of a TV series from the idealist young writer who stuck by her ideas until ultimately compromising the quality bit by bit in the neverending quest to "please the demographic audience". It really put the entire entertainment industry in perspective. Ultimately, her show became saturated with trivial cliches, over-exaggerated body language, jive humor and dumbed-down scenarios - all in the quest for the largest TV share. As you watch the film, you can see that the same thing cripples movies, music and games. And they are all operated with the same industrialized mentality...if you can't make the Top Ten, then go away. Certainly this is more explicit on television, since there are only so many slots. But with games and music, there is only so much shelf space. With movies, there are only so many mall cinema screens. The rest ends up in the cult niche holes.

Entertainment has never been so disgustingly vapid.
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