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Originally posted by Ian
The reason for the false sense of security M$ had is because of the US based success, which I think is largely because of American's preference to buy American goods over other countries. They don't have this benefit in the rest of the world and it's been a huge flop.
Mind you, there is a sector of the US population that caters to this mentality of buying American because it is American. The more intelligent amongst us just buys the better product. My take on it is that if American companies want my money, they're just going to have to make a superior product. I have never cared for US games software and have always found the Europeans to be more imaginative and to use their resources more wisely. I learned this shortly after getting my first A500. Then I learned that UK gaming magazines were also superior to the toilet paper rags the US was churning out. US mags were filled with so much nonsense and a game would get favorable reviews simply in exchange for advertising $. Plus the writing was/is humorless (erm...humourless!)

Americans also tend to spend their money a bit more foolishly on things like this (game consoles). They are also more vulnerable (or susceptible) to believing hype. I know this is a generalization again, but that is a given (heck, I am an American and I'm certainly not bagging on myself here!)

Just my view...
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