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This is why we need to support people running actual businesses selling Amiga stuff. They don't have it all, a few items are low quality, and non-Amiga common computer store stuff is slightly more expensive than elsewhere. But hero companies that still make hardware + software for the Amiga would have to resort to either wasting time running a business + webstore just for their products, or go the pre-order DIY pcb batch route, which is bad for everyone involved.

So I gladly pay a little extra to keep businesses like amigakit going, I know some guys are miffed||surly about them, but the more channels for devs to get stuff to users there are, the better for the community.

I use high quality rgb monitors, since I'm still stuck in the oldskool domain, which I enjoy But from the specs it seems capable, and what we need is old hardware and especially interfaces re-made in modern technology.

OK, /rant. But anyway, here's to gents that take the Amiga seriously in 2008
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