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My Windows is 98 flavour, not SE. Yes, the BSOD is in the WINUAE app, nothing else. I'm thinking of downloading the previous version and giving that a test, see if I have the same results.

I'm aware of all the probs of the Banshee, I'm gunning for either a Kryo II XS (or whatver it's called) or a GeForce 3 TI if I have the cash, so long as it has an S-Video out I'll be a happy DVD & gameplaying bunny ^_^

BTW, about all this dual monitor stuff; I've heard the latest cards can treat the TV-out as a seperate output, so you can have different things running on either screen. Is it easy to config that, so I can play games & emulators on the TV with my joypad while my wife can surf the 'net on the monitor?

You know, just so long as they don't share input devices.

Just wonderin'
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