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How is someone meant to answer this poll if they have multiple Amigas? Should they vote for their first Amiga or the one they use the most? (Provided those are different, of course.)

My newly pared down collection amounts to an Amiga 1000 with a 1080 monitor, a 1010 3.5" disk drive, a 1020 5.25" disk drive, a Compsec AX2000 (2MB RAM expander), SA1000 (SCSI controller) with a Comspec external SCSI chassis with a 4GB drive (soon to be replaced with a CF card, methinks) and an ARM1000 (multi-Kickstart switcher). That's my keep-in-touch-with-my-roots machine.

My day-to-day Amiga is a 1200 with a Blizzard 1230 with 32MB RAM (about to be upgraded to a Blizzard 1260 with 128MB RAM) and an 8GB CF card. I will soon add an Indivision at which time I will kick my whining, ready to explode 1084S to the curb.

Update: I found an Amiga 500 in my closet that I forgot I had. Heh. You might be a nerd if...

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