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Ok you convinced me

I don't think 16 bit era would last forever, Amiga would be alive or maybe commodore and even Atari as well, but as long as there is competition, they'd eventually be searching for something grander. That would be 3d or something else, maybe we would see greater advancements in 2d that we cannot think of today.

But if I had the power to make 16 bit era live forever, I would not use that power for I would be looking for something grander as well. It's just human nature. I would like to see Amiga alive this day but it should have been advanced in "some" ways. Getting stuck in past is not a wise thing and it's commodore's mistake.

I would love to see an AAA amiga. (post A4000) Amiga's path of advancement was very promising back then. I still would like to see a new amiga unlike many people on eab. But I am strictly against AmigaOne because it's the same old shit that we have on PCs today. Amiga should always be a fresh, useful and an advanced computer and it should be a total alternative to the idea of personal computing we have today.

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