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Originally posted by blackcornflake
I detect some irony in the previous post.

What was this thread about again?
I was waxing poetic, ironic and hopefully a little comic all in one. I wasn't too off-topic, but...

As for dead-faced kids playing games, that's probably because they were playing for serious competition. LAN parties can be really fun if you're just there to have fun and not preserve your ego. There's lots of hooting and hollering. I'll admit, it's not a soccer match, but it's still highly interactive.

As for making money playing games, it seems natural to me that some kids would want to become gaming superstars. After all, today golfers can make a fine living putting a little white ball around. As more people begin playing these highly competitive and interactive games, there may be bigger and bigger prizes for the stars as interest grows. Have you ever heard of Thresh, the Quake 1 and 2 superstar? He made lots of prize money and crushed many egos using his left hand on the keys and right hand on the mouse. Anyone who can play Quake reasonably well knows how incredible the hand-eye and strategy skills are of someone like Thresh. I used to download the recorded movies of his battles and get as much of a thrill watching them as I do watching a great boxing match.

Have you ever searched for "Ultima Online" on eBay? I've seen virtual properties and characters being sold on there for more than US$1,000.
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