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Originally Posted by dotemu View Post
True. Raffaelle Cecco games (one of my all time favourites magician ). He sent to World Of Spectrum list he was okay with distribution of its games, however I think the rights are at Kingley's Brothers. We are also struggling to get some feedback on them for the rights on these games, since we are willing to license them.
He doesn't own the rights to the Spectrum versions (which he wrote) and he DEFINITELY doesn't own the rights to the Atari ST and Amiga version which he had nothing to do with creatively. I've spoken several times to Nick Jones trying to find out the owners of Cybernoid so that I can license the Atari music for my site (written by Jochen Hippel)

As I look out of the window here at work I can see building 56B, you can even see on the wall where the Hewson logo once was. (Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxfordshire).

Andrew Hewson was a friend of our companies owner; Nick Cross.

I worked for several years with the author of Head over Heels, Jon Ritman, when his company was bought by Argonaut, I know he never owned the rights to his games and so WoS could not license them from him. Again, he certainly never owned the rights to the Atari ST version written years later. That said we used the base code for Monster Max GB (amazing hoh style game) for the unreleased GBC 3D Iso game Croc (Ditched in favour of a Robocod style game)

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