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I can still vividly remember the first time I clapped eyes on an Amiga. I was 16, just started work experience in a games/computer shop and upstairs there was this machine that everyone revered. It had my eyes the moment I went upstairs, sitting there looking all super-computerish. I remember, the put a demo on, some music, the sounds, OMG, drums, cymbals, marracas, they sounded so clear and loud and then, shit the bed, voices talking, Captain Kirk sample- it blew my mind. I absolutely totally loved that A1000, it was just...mysterious, sexy, the little Commodore badge, mmmm!!

I still look at my machines a lot, and I still give my A1200 a cuddle, or a low-down look across it, across the fins, the commodore badge still has the film on! I love em all so.
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