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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Well, part of my generalization was meant to be tongue-in-cheek (hence the "these crazy kids" snap). At the root of it, there's a great deal of truth about the manufactured mentality with today's youth. I know a lot of kids and I actually talk to them. The things they say and do, the attitudes they have towards the world, their is stunning. They wear their apathy like a badge of honor, like it's yet another tattoo or belly-button piercing. They celebrate stupidity and nihilism. They hate having to learn new things. They hate old stuff (anything from anyone else's past other than their own).
I wonder what will happen to our generation when we turn elderly? All of today's fashionably nihilistic, social Darwinist teens will be in control when Frederic, Twistin' and I are hunched over in our computer-wheel-chairs blabbering something about 16-bit games.

Our obscure references to Brady Bunch and Different Strokes will not charm them. They will resent us because we enjoyed the last cultural crumbs from earlier generations, when society had form and hierarchy, and the past meant something. And because we will not offer comic relief, neither knowledge nor production of things relevant to the progress of the State (formerly Microsoft), we will become economic burdens and social embarrassments. Starting with Fred, they will throw out our Amiga collections and humanely put us to sleep.

I can see their arms now, covered in mock-tribal tattoos, as they insert the IV into my thin veins. I will murmor something about how wrong it is, how not fair it is. They will only answer, "What is wrong? Might is right." In the glare of the flourescent hospital bulbs I will flashback to long nights hunched over my Amiga keyboard, and memories of EAB and the sense of history and continuity it brought to my life through the shared experiences--digital though they were.

As the life drains from my blood and my vision fades, I see a vision of Fred leading our entire generation as we "Jump the shark"--we have overstayed our welcome and are now embarrassingly obsolete.

Then, inexplicably, in a few decades they will begin to wonder about us and begin to recycle us for the sake of obscure references. Our digitized images will show up for a while as icons, avatars on Internet forums, or T-shirt images. But they won't care about US as we were, only US as we can be used to soften the terror they feel standing over the cultural, intellectual and spiritual void that is overshadowed by the State. :laugh

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