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Toni Wilen
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Beta 7:

- PCMCIA SRAM can work as a memory expansion now (it was not possible to execute 68K code in emulated SRAM previously..)
- configuration files in subdirectories didn't load if configuration cache was enabled
- "refresh rates in parenthesis" handling fixed
- on-screen leds do not disappear when switching filters
- enable ini-mode if <name of winuae.exe>.ini (without .exe) is found (previously winuae.ini was always used)
- logic analyzer copper timing updates (thanks to yaqube for test program) Not 100% correct yet, there seems to be unknown 2 cycle offset between bitplane dma and copper, and also seems to break Leander's right border (as I expected, something always breaks as long as it isn't 100% full fix)
- background color changes on very right edge of screen are now visible
- stop sound while inactive or minimized paused emulation
- directory filesystem statefile restore didn't work without restarting emulation
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