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Sorry Flink! I wish i knew more Portuguese guys with amigas, all the ones i knew had A500´s and they sent them to the recycle center´s. The recycle centers in most countries sell cheap computer parts, but it seems that in our country they dont let anything out "easily", it also depends of the "man in charge".
Many amiga users in other countries had some sucess to find old amigas at this centers.
You can try it though, i found old simm´s a portable pc plasma screen and HardDrives in one of this centers, but to get them it wasnt easy, you may have to prove your not an inspector!
There´s a recycle center near by in Tondela just 60 km away!!!
It´s a shame to see all those LCD´s and Plasma TV´s hit the blender only because they fell on transport and its cheaper to recycle them than hire someone to test them and see if they still work...
The world we live in hummm....
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