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The battery leak is bad and has done damage, but it could have been worse...

The PCB spray doesn't look to have done much: I'd clean it with isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush (not your own ;-) )

U177 looks damaged along with some traces around it, however that's only the clock latch so isn't absolutely needed.

U975/976 clock data in from the joystick and mouse ports, so you might have a problem with them...

The RAM socket and PCB traces are definitely in trouble, too, however you don't need 'em as you've got RAM on the WARP Engine.

particularly the battery, jumpy mouse and other bits...

Email Anthony Hoffman before giving up hope (he runs, email address is on there) as he offers a service to fix 4000 motherboards. I suggest dropping him a mail, pointing to your photos and asking if he might be able to fix the machine. My guess is that he likely will... His quotes are most reasonable compared to some out there!

BTW, great pictures - the *ist DS has done a great job there! Zetr0 will be excited to see 'em, and possibly even more excited at the depravity of abuse shown in 'em
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