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Please stop posting crap about DotEmu.

What do you mean by "several illegal sites" ?
The only website we run is EasyRetro, which is a technical showcase, and we own MOST of the rights of the game. Wanna see the licence agreements ?
I can send you electronic versions of them by fax/email.

If you think about some sites that might be using our technology illegally, please post links.

YES, we have licenced Nicky Boom, YES, we have used Cyx engine as a basis for mobile phone port, and NO we do not have stolen the code, since Cyx has been working, credited and paid on this project. YES, we are making the game unavailable from most abandonware websites, for business reasons.
And YES, we are competent people, and we wrote by ourselves the demo.

Period. Now you can flame us or whatever for wishing to earn my life respectfully, while most "emus/abandonware" sites from which I am making the game unavailable are illegal.

And stop calling us "software pirates", which just drives me crazy as we are trying to make LEGAL retrogaming.

Now if you have ANY idea about what could make retrogaming legal, rather than flaming people, constructive thoughts are welcome.
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