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Originally posted by Retroid
Well, skipped the test & clicked the 'detect 16 bit' toggle, and that worked. Problem is I still get the BSOD >(
Hmm, not sure then about the BSOD, is it the same module, i.e., WINUAE.EXE? Also you didn't mention the particular flavor of Windoze either, this could help determine the cause.

As for having a Banshee, I just had this lying around after my flakey AT mobo wouldn't accept it, and at least it's better than my old S3 Virge which I'd been using for years (in conjunction with a VooDoo 2, natch)
Okay, yes better then the S3 Virge, but costs on even a TnT2 or even a lower end Radeon card are around $100 or less. The Banshee is not a true AGP card, if you install or have installed the latest DirectX and run dxdiag from the run line you will notice there is no AGP texture testing. Of course if this is the PCI version of the Banshee, then of course this will not show up either

All this is more than a bit of a bugger, really, as I was really looking forward to playing about with a far friendlier, more flexible, faster & less buggy OS than the Windows crap I've had to put up with for the last few years.
Well Windoze 98-SE seems to be the best for just pure gaming, this will be the build 2222a release. If you want the look and feel of Win2k/XP then go with Windoze ME. Windoze 2k Pro is great for a more stable Workstation environement and of course there are those that prefer XP and all it's bloatware thrown on. Of course the trick is knowing how to tweak the OS, any flavor, after the initial install. I'm sorry I don't need things like Remote Desktop or Automatic Updates running in the background. This is great for a person whom doesn't want to remember to do these things and/or needs remote admin help from a friend or relative
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