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Originally Posted by DrewPee70 View Post
What would you recommend instead of the white sheet?
I just thought it was neutral so worked okay?
It does look a little halfhearted with the wrinkly sheet. I think there are two alternative extremes:
  • Either forget neutral altogether and make proper action shots, show the hardware in its "natural environment", if you have an old TV and some appropriate furniture handy, make it look like it would've back in the day. Or ...
  • Go for a proper (mini-)photo studio with flat screens and proper lighting, so the background completely disappears (or looks nice and uniform). Sometimes you can get "home photo studio" cubes (basically a small-ish cube made of white screens, only open on one side, along with some small flood lights) fairly cheap, although I'm not sure how big the cheap ones get.
I think for a museum type of thing, the former approach is more appropriate. I mean you don't necessarily have to stage a retro environment, but why not show the hardware in species-appropriate surroundings and more or less hooked up?

The latter approach is really better for advertising and such, although I guess depending on how you look at it, making pictures that look fresh, new, and professional might also be an interesting take.
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